Welcome to the course that teaches you how to increase ad impressions step-by-step!


Are you ready to earn MORE with the content you ALREADY have?

RPM Revamp is going to teach you how to maximize your ad revenue on traffic you already get to your blog.

That's right. You do NOT have to write more to make more!

When someone visits your blog, you have the opportunity to show them as many ads as you want.

Until last year, I thought I was doing everything I could with ads and really only focused on new content.

When Pinterest stopped sending as much traffic as usual, I didn't want my revenue to decrease, so I got creative with ways to earn more with the traffic I was still getting.

I found out that I could make significantly more ad revenue by applying new standards to my existing content. I'm still kicking myself for not doing this sooner when I was sitting on an avalance of Pinterest traffic!

The good news is - now I know what to do and I have a much stronger base of optimized content. I have never been more optimistic about the future of my blog as I am now!

This course is based on my experience with Mediavine. You can use these methods with other ad networks as well! And if your goal is to eventually qualify for Mediavine or AdThrive, then you will be that much further ahead because you did this work ahead of time.

What You'll Get in RPM Revamp

  • Easy-to-follow text lessons & video examples that walk you through, step-by-step, the exact methods to format your content for more AD IMPRESSIONS.
  • We'll go over the differences between types of content (AKA their respective earning potential) so you will know ahead of time what kind of revenue to expect PER POST
  • Put simply, more ad impressions = higher overall revenue. You don't have to have a lot of page views to have success with this method. Higher traffic is just icing on the cake!
  • Printable checklists so you can organize your RPM improvement projects

Ready to learn exactly how to grow your existing ad revenue?

What to Expect in RPM Revamp

RPM Revamp is broken down into 4 main modules, including a variety of text and video lessons.

It's not a huge course, so the time commitment is low. In just a few hours, you can be on your way to making your own RPM improvements that have lasting impact on your bottom line.

In each module, you'll find lessons that:

  • Show you through screenshots and screen shares exactly what I did to improve RPM on actual blog posts (as well as before & after stats). This makes my strategies VERY easy for you to understand & repeat!
  • Breaks down technical concepts into terms that even non-techies (like myself) can understand.
  • Covers specifics of blog post formatting that help with RPM, like font size, content length, content layout, etc so you have a better plan for each post you write.

RPV Revamp is about making each blog post work harder for you every day of the month!

To illustrate what I mean, take a look at two blog posts with similar earnings and vastly different page views.

The post with increased ad impressions earns a good bit more for each visitor!

Just imagine what YOU will accomplish once you know how to increase ad impressions on every blog post!

Meet Your Instructor

With nearly 12 years of blogging experience, I've been through all the highs & lows of managing a blog. Blogging used to take a lot of my mental effort throughout the week, but over the years I've figured out ways to do more in less time.

I LOVE teaching and showing others EXACTLY what they need to do to drive organic traffic & optimize earnings from those visitors.

My strategies are simple. They're straightforward. And they work for any niche.



How long will I have access to the course?

All of the course modules are available the day you register for the course, and you will have continued access to the course material on Thinkific for as long as I’m teaching this course (which will be a very long time). I can’t guarantee forever because – as you know – no one can guarantee anything will live on the internet forever.

Can I see the list of modules and lessons first?

Of course! Here are the individual lessons you'll find in RPM Revamp: 

Help! I keep getting stuck in a LeadPages loop!

If this is happening to you when you click enroll, this means you are already logged into Adventures in Blogging. Go to the homepage, log out, then come back and try again.  

Ready to learn a simple + straightforward method for growing your ad revenue?