Simple SEO-based strategies are all you need for AMAZING traffic!

Properly keyworded & polished posts need surprisingly little help taking off. 

It just flies onto your reader’s computer screens from their search engine of choice.  

Someone does a search, your content is presented to them, and they click over to read what you have to say.  

Traffic comes your way with very little effort when your content is properly optimized.

🔥 It’s easier than you think to get Google & Pinterest to take you seriously  

Half of the battle is figuring out the first part – getting algorithms to pick up your blog posts and show them to the right people. This course shows you how to do that.  

Then all you gotta do is get the click. You can do that, right? If you don’t, we’ll also cover that in great detail with an entire module dedicated to clickability.  

🔥 Google AND Pinterest send traffic automatically to content that sends the right signals  

Search engines connect your content to the appropriate audience automatically when you follow their rules. You can only solve people’s problems only IF they ever see your content in the first place.  

In other words, you need algorithms to pick up your blog posts in order to get them seen by the right people so those people will click over to your blog and indicate that you have content worth reading….  

Which in turn, makes the platform keep showing your posts to other people….  

It’s a circular problem for sure! 

Luckily, if you understand what search engines look for, you can get your content seen.  


🔥 You CAN get sustainable traffic with less work  

Once you properly optimize a post for keywords you can rank for, it will pick up steam over time with occasional prompting on your part.  

Very little effort is required to maintain momentum when your keywords are on point. You can be on vacation while your traffic goes crazy without having to do a single thing!

We will cover how to dual optimize your content for Pinterest AND Google so once your Pinterest traffic dies down, Google takes over (up front work for lasting benefits later), as you can see in the video below!


🔥 Best of all, you’ll have more free time to focus on more valuable tasks 

Every minute you spend worrying about traffic is a minute you could be creating a new product or nurturing your email list. Those marketing funnels don’t build themselves!  

Gone are the days you must post several days a week (or more) to see traction on your blog. Gone are the days you need to put your posts in chore threads to keep the visitors coming.  

This course can free you from the blogging chains you’ve been under for so long.

When you know how to write headlines and descriptions that encourage tons of click-throughs, your blog posts will be irresistable to the right readers.

The FIRST Course to Combine Google & Pinterest SEO Training in One

Nearly 11 years experience with Google keyword research + over 4 years doing the same on Pinterest + 7 years experience teaching online college courses has prepared me to teach this course. 

I LOVE teaching and I don’t think it does anyone any good for me to keep these strategies to myself!

I have learned that the two platforms are virtually intertwined when it comes to getting traffic. You don’t have to go for Pinterest and forget Google. 

SEO is mostly common sense if you know what to look for.

You can publish a blog post and absolutely KNOW that it will go somewhere!

How many newsletter signups and sales could you make if you knew what to do to make this happen?  

What Happen When You Take Organic Traffic Seriously?

“I enrolled in the spring session of Lena's course. By May, my pageview sessions increased from around 30K a month to 70K month. That meant I qualified to switch over to a premium ad network.

I didn’t know how big of an issue traffic was until my increase in pageviews greatly increase my income.  

And I’m not talking from sponsored posts (although the rate I charge has now increased), or products (even though sales from those have increased as well), or even affiliate sales (yep, up).  

This is what happened to my ad income this year: 

Ad Income BEFORE Adventures in SEO: $155/mo

⭐ Ad Income AFTER Adventures in SEO: $1,082!! ⭐

I sat on my blog for 4 years before I enrolled in Lena’s class and then suddenly, it made complete sense why my posts weren’t getting read. Total game changer. "  

~ JoAnn Crohn,

We'll celebrate your wins with you!

We have a tighly knit community within Adventures in SEO. As everyone starts implementing and seeing successes, we celebrate together! 

It's the most amazing thing to see! Bloggers like you are sharing wins like these...

These strategies have worked for SO MANY bloggers in SO MANY niches. There is ZERO guessing involved. Just follow the steps.  

Now it's YOUR turn!

How much revenue are you leaving on the table by chasing short-lived traffic strategies?

Imagine 6 weeks worth of work from now, being able to cut your publishing schedule in HALF because you know how to get at least THREE TIMES as much traffic from each post you publish. 

You will find yourself working less yet getting amazing results.  

After Adventures in SEO, you'll have more time to work on income-producing activities because you'll be spending way less time inside of Pinterest to keep your traffic up.

You'll have the bandwidth to work on things that propel your business forward and give you more of your time back for the things that matter most.  

What people are saying about Adventures in SEO

“I am a very visual person, so the way Lena takes you behind the scenes and shares her secrets on screen really clicked with me. 

She takes you into her top posts and shows you what works. It's not just theory." 

~ Janel Hutton,

Lisa ramped up her traffic & subscribers in record time...

"Adventures in SEO has saved me time and frustration. Lena has carefully laid out a strategy that isn't subject to blogging whims or algorithm changes.  

My previous average opt-in experience was gaining 30-50 subscribers per lead magnet, so when I created my first opt-in using Lena's keyword tips and Pinterest strategy, I set a HUGE goal of 150 new subscribers. One week later I had more than 700! This system WORKS!  

No more chore threads or chasing page views with random strategies that may or may not work for this blogger! This course has given me a solid strategy that I can work consistently and see increasing results." 

The most exciting thing is that Lisa qualified for MediaVine after taking this course! She enrolled with 6,000 monthly page views and quickly scaled to 10K...then 35K!

Just imagine what YOU will accomplish once you know how to get traffic & subscribers on demand! 

Do you like checklists & step-by-step guidance? 

SEO is not as scary as you think when you know what to do. 

This course explains everything in a straightforward step-by-step manner with videos, checklists, and written guides to help you apply the principles along the way.  

Here are just a few of the resources you’ll find inside: 

This is your straightforward SEO plan

Did you know that only 2 out of 13 steps in a complete blog post optimization checklist have anything to do with actual writing?  

The real magic happens in the other steps. Steps that no one really talks about.

This course shows you how to optimize just for Google, just for Pinterest, or both together. The principles are so intertwined, it's really easy to go for both if you want!  

You'll have access to video after video with examples of how to do each step. 

Go beyond the basics & learn keyword mining

While beginner bloggers are welcome to take this course, we will not be covering basic topics like setting up Rich Pins, organizing boards, installing Yoast, adding images, or drafting your blog posts.  

If you need a foundational Pinterest course, I can recommend an amazing one to you.  

Adventures in SEO is for bloggers who are ready to get past the basics and learn the nitty gritty keyword strategies that drive sustainable long term traffic. 

We will be MINING FOR KEYWORD GEMS on both platforms. No guessing involved! Just solid methods of finding keywords that work for every single blog post you write.  

These methods work in any niche.  

Students from a variety of niches have used the course strategies to grow their traffic. 

Students like:  

  • Janel Hutton (food blogger) from
  • Amy Stafford (lifestyle blogger) from 
  • Ashleigh Allman (finance blogger) from
  • Tara Jacobsen (digital marketer) from
  • Julia King (health & wellness blogger) from
  • JoAnn Crohn (parenting blogger) from
  • Kristen Raney (home & garden blogger) from

If you are experienced in SEO, you will LOVE this course. This course is heavy on keyword strategy and low on SEO basics like link building and anchor text. Anybody can do that. Not everyone can mine keywords this way.  

Don’t worry if you are NOT experienced in SEO. These techniques are NOT hard to learn! 

All of the examples are done via screensharing, so you will follow me as I show you exactly how the process works and what you can find when you know what to look for.  

"It is so hard to find advanced SEO tactics that actually seem new and fresh (and not black hat) ... the fact that this pairs so well with Pinterest is crazy good!!! 

Starting with the first few lessons I realized that this was going to be different...instead of fluff and nonsense, it was facts and strategy. 

Right off the bat we were learning to "think like Pinterest" and now I see WHY other pins were doing great and WHY I was not getting any of that sweet, sweet Pinterest traffic. 

Lena showed us how to look at keywords in a way that just made sense in the context of Pinterest using some really unique methods. As a old dog SEO, I am using the skills I developed from way back in a different way. Being able to SEO titles, descriptions AND content by checking with Google AND Pinterest to get rankings both places is what I have changed to now! Thanks, Lena, for an amazing course!" ~ Tara Jacobsen,

Are you our next success story?

"I wanted to share a win. I have an organizing post that's generating about 3 times more traffic than I usually get to my entire site. It's the first post I published after I started Adventures in SEO and found the end of Pinterest. It's been doing 150-300 PV per day since it was published January 2nd. That's a whole lot of traffic compared to what my tiny little blog usually gets. Before Adventures in SEO, this post would have been ineffectively keyworded and lost among the other thousands of organizing posts being pinned this time of year. Instead, it's getting eyes on my lead magnets and increasing my opt-ins....I'm flying high right now. So thankful for this course!" ~ Amy Stafford

"Hey Lena! I just wanted to let you know that your methods are really working. I wrote two blog posts from scratch using your methods and they are doing really well right now in a short amount of time. The fruit one has been out since Wednesday and it already has 250+ repins and 48 Facebook shares. 

I've literally pinned it three times max and shared on my blog page and gardening group. That's it. The seed one has been out for 2/3 weeks, but it's also picking up some incredible steam. I knew to do the fruit one because of how you taught us to research. Thanks again for all your help, I'll keep you updated on numbers! ~ Kristen Raney 

Build one successful post on top of another for amazing results like Kristen!

Bloggers at all levels see success with Adventures in SEO!

When I joined the March cohort of Adventures in SEO, I was at 7k/month page views.  

Now, I have almost 150,000 page views per month!!!

Lena's course has helped me rank on Page 1 &2 of several keywords. In addition to that, I've used her "end of Pinterest" technique to get high ranking pins + traffic.  

As a result of both strategies, I was able to qualify for AdThrive within 8 months of "seriously" blogging! 

I make a full-time income from my pajamas (and cowgirl boots) while building my business from my kitchen table. And I get to homeschool my kiddos, alongside my husband.

~ Angelica Duncan,

Just imagine growth what blog traffic growth like this could do for your family!

You don't have to do this alone! Get HELP with Pinterest & Google during office hours!

For 5 WEEKS later this summer (exact dates will be announced in May), Lena will hold weekly office hours where you can ask questions. There is no extra charge to participate in the Facebook group. Your enrollment right now comes with a complementary ticket to this class. 

The week before class, you will be invited to our interactive pop-up classroom where we will work through the lessons together in a group setting. This is when you will get individual feedback from me (Lena). 

Throughout the live-taught component, you will see additional resources posted in the Facebook group above and beyond the course material. This includes extra video tutorials and deep dives. 

The ALUMNI GROUP is a tremendous resource as you work on's where you can have higher level SEO discussions with a group of people who understand where you're coming from! 

Information on how & when to join the Alumni group is in Module 1 of the course. 

FYI - Participation in the live component is completely optional. Everything you need to learn the SEO principles and apply them to your blog is included in the course itself. The LIVE class is just a great option if you learn by example and love getting feedback to make sure you understand the course material.

You will have access to all the course modules, worksheets & videos the day you register for the course. This way you can begin learning immediately and be extra prepared for the class start date. 


Bonus for Enrolling Now! >> Hidden Niches Training

This special bonus is ONLY available if you enroll before the timer runs out. 

You are joining the class during this special 72-hour enrollment period, so I'd like to offer you the same bonus from my last launch! It's a training ALLLLL about finding those hidden niche keyword phrases that nobody else cares about....

Because when nobody else cares about it, you can rake in all the page views (and all the related income) for yourself! 

There is amazing traffic & income potential hidden in niche keyword phrases. And they exist in ALL blog niches! 

You can find one in your niche. This guide contains a variety of 50 niches for inspiration + a training video to show you how to find your own! 

When you find a Hidden Niche, you can essentially be guaranteed to rank your content on Google for easy traffic (and sales!). Finding these niches is seriously my favorite thing to do.  

This training includes a behind the scenes look at an actual Hidden Niche post on my blog! 

We'll dive behind the scenes of my blog...I'll show you a post from my blog that's based on a HIDDEN NICHE and earns $250-300 per month in affilite sales on autopilot! Once you see how this works, you'll be able to find tons of hidden niches yourself!


Q & A

How long will I have access to the course?  

All of the course modules are available the day you register for the course, and you will have continued access to the course material on Thinkific for as long as I’m teaching this course (which will be a very long time). I can’t guarantee forever because – as you know – no one can guarantee anything will live on the internet forever.  

Do you offer refunds? 

Yes! You can find the link to the refund policy at the bottom of this page. You have 60 days to request a refund, as long as you submit the proof of ineffectiveness required in the policy. 

Do you need to purchase a keyword research tool to take this course?

Whether or not you have access to a paid keyword research tool, you can implement the ideas in this course. I, myself, am only just signed up for a paid keyword tool A FEW MONTHS AGO to power up my tried and true keyword research strategies that I’ve done for FREE for nearly a decade.  

I’m finding that despite having access to a research tool, I still need to supplement with my normal research methods to get context for the keyword recommendations.  

How is this course any different than the rest? 

I get it! We've all taken courses that overpromise, yet under deliver. You'll get the exact opposite here! 

This course goes into deep detail on every topic and intertwines Google and Pinterest keyword research like in a way that has NEVER been taught before. Here are just a some of the exact topics you can expect to find:

✔️ We will cover how to know ahead of time if your blog posts have a chance at being seen. We will cover simple methods of Pinterest & Google keyword research that reveal the best keywords for your posts & give you confidence in your choices.  

✔️ We will cover how to split test pins against one another, then monitor their success so each pin is better than the last. There are little tweaks you can make to get thousands more page views with less effort.

✔️ You'll learn the design principles behind graphics that are not only eye-catching, but actually draw readers in so they click through to your blog! Because - let's face it - a pretty image nobody cares about doesn't do you any good.  

 ✔️ We will go over a simple method of strategic pin scheduling to maximize your success. The exact process I use that take less than 1 hour per week to maintain.  

✔️ You'll find checklists & guides in every module to help you choose the perfect Google and Pinterest keywords and how to add them to your posts. You'll hear about the theory and then have a chance to apply it to your own blog.

How do I redeem the bonus?

Once you sign up for the course during this special enrollment period, we will know that you are eligible for a free copy of Hidden Niches. 

We will activate the course on your Adventures in Blogging Thinkific account within 2 weeks of your enrollment.

Oftentimes we can get to it much sooner, but the entire WhatMommyDoes / Adventures in Blogging team is made up of stay-at-home-moms, so sometimes we need a litle bit of grace with our schedules! :) 

Can I see the list of modules and lessons first?  

Of course! Here the individual lessons you'll find in Adventures in SEO:  

Do you have a payment plan?  

YES! If it makes things easier for you, you may opt for two payments of $199 instead of a single payment of $397.  

Click here to take advantage of the payment plan option >>

Help! I keep getting stuck in a LeadPages loop!  

If this is happening to you when you click enroll, this means you are already logged into Adventures in Blogging. Go to the homepage, log out, then come back and try again.