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Do you wish someone would just walk you step-by-step and show you how to do Pinterest and Google keyword research? SEO is not as hard as you think when you know what to look for!

The waiting list for the next class will open soon

If you feel frustrated with keywords and don't know exactly how to do Pinterest or Google keyword research for great results, then this course is for you! We will slow down & focus on what we CAN CONTROL within Pinterest and optimize for long term Google traffic that you can depend on. You can stop chasing new strategies in an effort to get more traffic and instead focus on an elegant strategy that guarantees you will see a return on your efforts. 

This advanced course will show you...

  • Concrete keyword research & optimization steps to grow your traffic with Pinterest. You will learn how to choose the right keywords your readers are already looking for. No more guessing!
  • How to dual optimize your content for Pinterest AND Google so once your Pinterest traffic dies down, Google takes over (up front work for lasting benefits later)
  • The tools I use to maintain a fairly simple pin strategy in 1-2 hrs per week. We will streamline your Pinterest game and continually grow your traffic base without hopping from tactic to tactic
  • A simple method of Pinterest keyword research that reveals the best keywords for your posts & gives you confidence in your choices (i.e. how you'll know ahead of time if your pins have a chance at being seen)
  • How to optimize your pins so they'll be found AND then clicked (because a pretty pin nobody cares about doesn't do you any good!)
  • How to write headlines & descriptions that encourage tons of click-throughs 
  • The straightforward way to do keyword research so you can break into new niches  
  • How to create images that stand out in the Pinterest feed (and the simple test you can do to tell if they will)  

No more guessing! You'll get step by step guidance, checklists & behind the scenes screenshares

  • Checklists / guides in every module to help you choose the perfect Google and Pinterest keywords. You'll hear about the theory and then have a chance to apply it to your own blog.
  • You'll see examples from my own blog of successful pins and my theories behind choosing the keywords I used 
  • Technical training on how to use Tailwind to maximize your success. Other schedulers are cool, but I love Tailwind for strategic pin scheduling (and it's not as difficult as you think).
  • We will diagram the elements of a successful pin (headline wording, graphic choice, calls to action, etc) so you no longer have to guess what to include! 
  • We will test these optimization strategies in a variety of niches so you can see how this works on different blogs. 
  • I will also show you how I split test pins against one another, then monitor their success so each pin is better than the last. There are little tweaks you can make to get thousands more page views with less effort >>>>>

What this course will not go over:

  • Basics of pinning like setting up Rich Pins or organizing boards on your account
  • Basics of setting up a blog post like installing Yoast, adding images, or drafting the content. 
  • Group board strategies - I know a lot of people want this, but it's just not what I recommend focusing on for sustainable growth. Once you have a solid foundation, you can layer on things like group board strategies to grow your reach if you believe it will help, but that's not what we're focusing on here. 
  • Board Booster automation. This is a hands-on course so we will not cover "set it and forget it" strategies. You can certainly use BB to maintain my strategies, but I have not personally figured out how to use it for this purpose. 
  • How to use a paid keyword research tool. While they are amazing, they are not how I built up my blog and I don't believe you have to spend tons of money to get great search traffic. We'll learn the principles, and then if you want to purchase a paid tool later, you can! 

By the end of this course, you'll have a list of unnecessary tasks to stop worrying about so you can focus on the things that really matter in life. Your time is valuable & you have other important things to do instead of pinning like a maniac! 

Whether you want time to create that product you've been meaning to launch or you simply want to spend more time with your kids, we will get that time back for you! 

Course Timeline

  • For a period of 6 weeks, you will have access to me (Lena) in a private Facebook group to guide you through the course material like a college course. 
  • You will have weekly assignments and real feedback as you progress through the modules. 
  • By the end of the 6-week course, you should be able to do Pinterest AND Google keyword research using simple time-tested special software required! 
  • The only recommended software for this course is a pin scheduler like Tailwind or Board Booster (your choice). All of the examples in the course are based on Tailwind, but the strategies should be fairly easy to implement using Board Booster as well. 
  • I CANNOT WAIT to get started!! Let's do this!! 

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